Dr Jess Annai Millar, PhD

In Memoriam - April 22 1986 to April 13 2024

Jess passed away on April 13 2024, after a 3 year battle against Long Covid. Jess was a wonderful, caring, intelligent person who is greatly missed by family and friends.

Thank you to everyone who came to the Celebration of Life gathering for Jess on Thursday May 30th 2024, at McMenamins Kennedy School. We hope to share pictures here in a few weeks.

Additional Memories of Jess

Jess Millar


My name is Jess Millar and I am currently a Research Associate at University of Michigan. My academic interests include microbiology, statistical analysis, and epidemiology of infectious diseases.

I moved to Ann Arbor from Portland, OR during in summer 2017 and continue to enjoy living in a friendly, peaceful city. My extracurricular interests include sudoku, collecting old medical texts, website design, and tutoring in math and science.

I have had the privilege of working in several biology labs at Portland State University which have helped diversify my training in different model organisms. These have provided the opportunity to view problems at both the microscopic and population level. My current research involves bioinformatics applications to study the evolution of pathogenic bacteria as they move from environmental to host niches.


Jess Millar
Research Associate
Dept. of Environmental Health Sciences
University of Michigan

jamillar |at| umich |dot| edu

Office Hours in BSB 3050F:
By Appointment

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